1990-1993 LAMDA

Full time roles:

1993-1995 Assistant Electrician, Sadler’s Wells

1995-1998 Chief Electrician, The Place

1998-2002 Deputy Head of Lighting, RADA

2002-2004 Head of Lighting, RADA

Drama Credits

Artangel, GDIF, Milton Keynes: IF; Company3, Wet Picnic, Kazzum, Ex Nihilo Theatre, London Borough of Islington, High Tide, The People Show, Periplum

Dance Credits

Open Heart Productions (Arthur Pita), Dance United, Deaf Men Dancing, Genau Dance Co, Siobhan Davies, Richard Alston, Jonzi D, Protein, Probe, Hofesh Schechter, Tilted Productions, Dance Umbrella, GDIF, Scarabeus, Akademi

Exhibition and Event credits

The British Council, Akademi, Artangel, Ambika P3, Victor Burgin, Zealous Productions, Clare Twomey, Christie Brown, David Hall, Cowboy Films, Serpentine Gallery

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Victor Burgin exhibition © Jonathan Samuels

I have been providing this pivotal role to productions and events for 25 years and have enjoyed working on a diverse array of different art forms in a variety of settings and scales. I pride myself on having been on time and on budget for all my previous projects.

Production Management brings together my natural desire to solve problems and my creative experience- this gives me both the necessary pragmatic approach as well as a full awareness of the creative challenge that the entire team are working towards.

Trained as an all-rounder, and having held fulltime positions in-house for 12 years, I’ve had first-hand experience of the many departments that support the creative industries. I have an excellent relationship with key suppliers and a contact book full of production staff, freelancers and highly skilled specialists.

I have worked on traditional, venue-based productions but I have also managed projects in all manner of unconventional settings and have a huge fondness for the challenges of found spaces and the site-specific. I’m as happy working indoors as out, having run many festival events and shows in both urban and rural settings. I have managed one-off events as well as UK and international touring and longer running projects.

With a portfolio of drama, dance, exhibition, festival and event projects, I am happy to manage any style or type of event, funded or commercial. I’ve worked on projects from the smallest fringe festival in London to a full-scale arena tour of the UK, and everything in between.

My approach is collaborative and inclusive, but I have no fear in decision making and am confident to lead large teams. I’m versed in all relevant aspects of Health & Safety and have a pragmatic approach that keeps everyone safe without stifling any of the creativity.

As well as providing Production Management services, I am an experienced Site Manager, Technical Manager and Technical Director.