1990-1993 LAMDA

Full time roles:

1993-1995 Assistant Electrician, Sadler’s Wells

1995-1998 Chief Electrician, The Place

1998-2002 Deputy Head of Lighting, RADA

2002-2004 Head of Lighting, RADA

Drama Credits

Artangel, RADA, Company3, Wet Picnic, Second Wave, The Belgrade, Tom Burke’s Ara, Kazzum, Drama Centre London, Deafinitely Theatre, Dom Koyote, Mayhem, Gari Jones, Ex Nihilo Theatre, Gadi Roll

Dance Credits

The Place, Sadler’s Wells, Arthur Pita, Dance United, Arts Admin, Chisato Minamimura, Deaf Men Dancing, Genau Dance Co, Siobhan Davies, Richard Alston, Jonzi D, Breaking Convention, Maqamat

Exhibition and Event credits

Akademi, Artangel, Ambika P3, Victor Burgin, Zealous Productions, Clare Twomey, Christie Brown, Richard Deacon, Jorge Otero-Pailos

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The Little Match Girl, Dance Theatre © Laura De Meo


Don Carlos ©Richard Davenport / The Other Richard


Richard Deacon at Ambika P3 © Ambika P3

I am the proud owner of the very first GCSE in Drama to be assessed on Lighting Design. Since those early days I have pursued my passion for light and its place in art. From my training at LAMDA, through three invaluable fulltime roles to hone my craft, and onto a freelance career, I have a wealth of experience in all aspects of Lighting Design and still as much passion for it as ever.

Trained in traditional settings lighting drama, I added to my knowledge with many years enjoying the freedom and reward of lighting dance and movement. In more recent times I have lit several exhibitions and am always growing my portfolio to include events and parties, architecture and any other projects that need light.

With a fondness for found space twinned with a traditional background, I have the experience and freedom to work across any type of setting or venue, and I relish the challenge that the unconventional can bring.